Our Ministries

InterVarsity is a fellowship – meaning we don’t have metrics by which a ‘good’ member is judged. Every week we have some weekly and monthly events, but no one should feel pressure to come to each and every thing we do. Our aim is to create an environment where the GW community is openly invited to come and worship God.

All are always invited – whether you’ve been a Christian for years or never touched a Bible; whether this is your 50th time to come, your first in weeks, or your first ever.

Throughout the week

Small Group Bible Study

Click above to find out more about our small group Bible studies.

The Well

In John 4, Jesus meets a Samaritan woman at a well outside of her town. Jesus affects her in a very real way, and she, in turn, affects others. That inspires our own weekly Well. The Well is 8pm every Thursday in Marvin 405 and it is a time where we come together for prayer, worship, and instruction. It’s the central meeting for IV at GW and is designed to better equip us to share Jesus with others. For location updates, please like our Facebook page or e-mail gw.ivcf@gmail.com to stay connected.

Throughout the Year


GW InterVarsity Christian Fellowship has a few opportunities to celebrate what God is doing on college campuses with other InterVarsity fellowships throughout the year. We have one retreat per semester. It is a great time away from the campus where students can connect with God in a deeper way. Email gw.ivcf@gmail.com for more information and scholarship details.


Urban Plunge

Every Spring Break, GW InterVarsity students join other students to explore how to live as holistic disciples who understand the Biblical call for love, mercy, and justice and are ready to live sacrificially for the sake of others in whatever career they choose. Email gw.ivcf@gmail.com for more information and scholarship details.

Chapter Camp

At the close of every academic year, GW InterVarsity joins the other InterVarsity chapters along the East Coast for a week of worship, intense bible study, and fellowship. Email gw.ivcf@gmail.com for more information and scholarship details.



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