Small Groups

Because we realize the importance of the study of scripture, InterVarsity views small groups as a very important part of our fellowship.

InterVarsity facilitates a time for small group Bible studies throughout the week. We seek to model Jesus’ example of meeting people as they are, regardless of training, knowledge, class, race, or social standing, by meeting the GW community at it is and to invite people regardless of their faith or spiritual background to come investigate Jesus and His message of grace.

No matter if you’ve been in Sunday School since you were 2 or this will be your first time to touch a Bible, the study is designed to put everyone on equal footing and to challenge us to grow in our faith, knowledge, and love of Jesus.

Small Groups times:

Contact us by email at with any questions regarding small groups.

Vern: Sundays at 8PM in Pelham Commons
Service & Social Justice on the Vern: Mondays at 8PM in Pelham Commons
Service & Social Justice on Foggy: Mondays at 7:30PM in J Street
Seniors: Mondays at 6PM in the MSSC 1st Floor
Co-ed: Tuesdays at 8PM in Thurston TV Lounge
Co-ed: Wednesdays at 7:30PM in Mitchell Lobby
Men’s: Wednesdays at 8PM in J Street
Women’s: Wednesdays at 7PM in Marvin Center G12
STEM: Wednesdays at 7PM in SEH 6th Floor
International: Saturdays at 6PM in Guthridge Basement